JJ Fashion Silk Telekung Bee’s Nest Kerawang 2

JJ Fashion - No 2-Telekung Bee's Nest Kerawang B
JJ Fashion Vietnam (members of Vietnam Muslim Packages With JJT Travel Group)

2 : Vietnam Silk Telekung Bee’s Nest Kerawang   : USD 28.00


1 – Telekung 8 Flowers,          USD 27.00
2 – Telekung Bee’s Nest,         USD 28.00
3 – Telekung 40 Flowers,        USD 29.00
4 – Telekung Sulam Mas,        USD 32.00
5 – Telekung 60 Flowers,        USD 34.00

This Telekung is made by 100% White Vietnamese Silk, it’s very cool and very comfortable. We have many different colors with beautiful design and embroidered bunga timbul design.
This Telekung is free size, so everyone can wear it very easily. We put 2 lines (tali) in 2 sides of ear side around face, so you can fix these tali around your face easily. One set of Telekung is very long and also very width.

Min order : 100pcs

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Company Email : james@jjttravel.com / joyce@jjttravel.com

Sales Email : sales@jjttravel.com / jjt.travel.group@gmail.com / jj.fashion.vn@gmail.com

Company Website : www.jjttravel.com /  http://jjttravel.blogspot.com / http://jjfashionvietnam.blogspot.com

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