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JJ Fashion

7. JJ Fashion Baju Kurung Manik Blended Silk  37.00

JJ Group Malaysia Sdn Bhd have come out with new brand name. JJ Fashion latest products of Telekung, Tudung Half Moon and Baju Kurung Manik which all Made in Vietnam with very high quality material.

Baju Kurung: with different color, different design and made by high quality fabric such as Korea Cotton, Cotton Satin, Blended Silk, Linen ….

Telekung: made with White Silk very cool and comfortable and have many color different very beautiful with embroided bunga timbul and color of grey, white, yellow, green, blue, red, purple, pink, lilac, brown, black. This telekung is free size so everyone can wear easily, because we put 2 lines (tali) in 2 sides of ear around face, so you can fix this tali with your face  easily. One set of telekung is 3.6 meter, very  long and also very width.

Tudung Half Moon: with many different color and made by Cotton

JJ Lotus Tea

JJ Lotus tea is handmade product from fresh lotus flower in Hanoi West Lake and green tea in north high land of Vietnam.

To make 1kg of lotus tea, we use 1000 lotus flowers and it takes 15 days to complete the progress. Drink lotus tea, you will have good health, it helps you to sleep well, and makes you look younger.

Chợ Đồng Xuân or Dong Xuan Market is the city’s largest traditional market and a highlight of a visit to the Old Quarter. A massive indoor pavilion is surrounded by streets teeming with sellers day and night (early morning is best to visit). Find lots of Chinese knockoff goods, produce, and stuff for everyday use in homes — but there are plenty of neat trinket shops tucked down the narrow lanes of this maze of commerce, and just the experience of walking around (or photographing the chaos) is a reason to visit.

Chợ Hôm or Hom Market – one of the older markets in Hanoi, this venue specializes in some extremely unique Vietnamese foods at a cheap price.  Just avoid those foods that appear strange in appearance.  You will also find Hanoi’s largest fabric market here.  You can find just about every color, style, and type of fabric items from China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. As with the Dong Xuan Market, keep your purse or wallet protected – there are many pickpockets that frequent this market.

Ham Long Street – near Hom Market, you can buy crystal products here.

Hang Gai Street – near Hoan Kiem Lake and inside Old Quarters, you can buy silk and souvenir products.

Old Quarters Areas – near Hoan Kiem Lake, you can visit some galleries, clothes shop, handmade products…

Night Market at Hanoi Old Quarters

The night market spreads across Hang Dao, Hang Ngang, Hang Duong, Dong Xuan Market and Hang Giay streets. It opens at 18.30 every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. The outdoor Night Market is very different from workaday Dong Xuan, mostly because it’s more of a social event. Locals stroll the streets shoulder-to-shoulder, perusing inexpensive goods sold at the lighted stalls. It’s fun and colorful, and definitely not only about the shopping.

o    Clothes are the most popular goods.

o    Low-cost and on sale products are very attractive

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